The Gar-Dur ultrahigh-molecular- weight polymer is supplied by Garland Manufacturing Co., Saco, Maine, in bars, rods, boards, tape, and custom profiles. The polymer outwears metal in similar parts in heavy-duty applications by as much as 3:1. Cleanup time is reduced because materials don’t stick to its surface. The polymer does not need a lubricant. The polymer is claimed to have the highest impact resistance of any thermoplastic and is rustproof and resistant to alkalis and acids with the exception of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid. High energy and shock-absorption capabilities reduce noise and vibration levels in industrial machinery. The thermally stable temperature range is –460 to 200°F. The dimensionally stable polymer does not absorb water. Applications include rollers, gears, sprockets, valves, bushings, bearings, blades for paper machinery and snow plows, chain guides, rails, and machine components.

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