The 100 Series line of pneumatically driven rack-and-pinion actuators are available in double-acting and spring-return designs, both providing a 90° rotation. Eight models provide output torques at 80 psi from 300 to 29,000 lb-in. The actuators operate on up to 140-psig air temperatures from -40 to 200°F. They come in hydraulic-oil and water-driven versions.

A spring-return unit has a preloaded cartridge spring pack for ease of maintenance, reduced space requirements, and improved safety. The spring packs eliminate the need to control spring tension by the end caps and retaining bolts. By inserting or removing the spring packs, users can convert between spring-return and double-acting units.

The actuators are fully enclosed and self-contained and feature a one-piece pinion machined from hardened alloy steel and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The pinion is supported at both top and bottom by permanently lubricated acetal bearings.

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