Enhancements include reduced file sizes, new hot-standby capabilities, a built-in interactive operator screen, a full-function simulator to enable benchtesting of applications, and user-defined function blocks. Other features include user-definable Ethernet protocols that allow direct connection to RFID tag stations, bar-code readers and competitive PLCs without using gateways, as well as user-installable memory that allows expansion and maintenance swapouts.

A functional view of programs allows a user to organize all related resources — PLC program, drawings, manuals, operator-interface programs, and third-party programs — in one location for each function through hyperlinks. Functional import and export capabilities eliminate programming errors when duplicating program sections or moving a section to another application. The software can also run on new Modicon Premium 100 and 00 level processors; new Premium models with built-in Ethernet, CANOpen, or FIPIO inter-faces; and new auto-configurable Modicon Quantum Hot Standby processors.

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