Handheld “pen” scanners usually only detect and record lines of text. The DocuPen from Planon Systems Solutions Inc., Mississauga, Ontario (www.planon.com), reads text and graphics at about one page every 4 sec, storing up to 100 pages in 2 Mbytes of flash memory. The pen measures 8-in. long, weighs 2 oz, and costs about $200. It scans an area 7.75-in. wide, enough to cover a standard page, with user-selectable resolutions of 100 and 200 dpi in black and white only. It includes ScanSoft software for managing scanned documents, an installation CD, USB cables, and batteries, which provide power for up to 200 scans. Documents can be integrated into a program such as Outlook Express, WinFax, Notepad, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Users can export documents in different formats, including BMP, JPG, PX, DCX, and TIFF. Requirements include a PC with 32-Mbytes Ram and 60 Mbytes of harddrive space.