The twocomponent system — a methacrylate polymer and an activator (hardener) — needs no mixing. Curing begins when the polymer and activator come in contact, and working time is 3 to 4 min following activation. The bonded material has enough "green strength" to be moved after 4 min. Fixture time is 9 to 10 min, functional cure at room temperature is 1 hr, full cure takes place in 2 hr, and after seven days, Flex Bond withstands service temperatures up to 200°F. Once cured, the material has a 6,970-psi tensile strength and adhesive tensile shear of 878 psi on ABS, 988 psi on FRP, 838 psi on PVC, and 1,482 psi on cold-rolled steel. When bonding two aluminum surfaces, tensile shear is 1,179 psi with a 5-mil gap and T-peel strength of 23 pli.

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