The MotoRGS linear-slide assembly incorporates a Kerk Rapid Guide Screw (RGS) linear slide and a Haydon Size-17 hybrid stepper motor.

The RGS linear slide features wear-compensating, antibacklash-driven carriages for repeatable and accurate positioning. All moving surfaces include Kerkite highperformance polymers running on either Kerkote or Black Ice TFE coatings. A supportive integral mounting base offers positioning accuracy, repeatability, and axial stiffness.

The Haydon Size-17 stepper motor has a high torque-to-size ratio and features optional flying leads or an integrated connector. It is available in both single and double stack versions.

The MotoRGS comes preassembled with the motor and RGS4000, RGS6000, and RGSW6000 linear slides.

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