The G Series of general-purpose supercapacitors, comprised of the GS and GW models of single-cell and dual-cell supercapacitors, are RoHScompliant parts that offer 2.3 V in the single-cell versions and 4.5 V in dual-cell configurations, with two cells connected in series. Both versions operate from –40 to 75°C.

The GW Series features a 28.5 × 17-mm footprint that combines high capacitance (C up to 0.4 Fd at 4.5 V) with equivalent-series-resistance as low as 60 m Ω. The GS Series features a 39.0 × 17-mm footprint that combines C values up to 0.7 Fd at 4.5 V with an ESR from 34 m . Both Series range from 0.9 to 2.9-mm thick.

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