The unit is a valve, printedcircuit board, base, and fittings as a single unit, and comes with 6-mmwide three-port valves. The manifold, which comes in 12 or 24-Vdc voltage options, consumes 0.55 W in standard configuration or 0.23 W with powersaving circuit, and has a 10-msec response time. Features include four and eight-station configuration; two types of pipe connections with barb fitting to accept 4-mm OD tubing and 2-mm one-touch fitting, two operation seal materials (FKM and HNBR); Cv of 0.004 (0 to 100 psi) and 0.008 in the low-pressure version suitable from vacuum to 44-psi pressure, and the piping plate with tubing stays on the machine for ease of maintenance. The Cube is available with a 300, 600, and 1,000-mm connector cable.

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smc cube manifold