Hollow Pancake Stepper Motor The pancake motor has a 1.8 step angle and provides up to 400 ounce inches of torque. The motor's outside diameter is 5.7 inches and 1 inches thick. The standard configuration includes ball bearings. Coils are available in bipolar or unipolar configurations and in a wide range of voltages.Applications include military, heavy duty automation, and any other application that requires precise rotary movement. In addition to this customized motor, HSI also offers standard pancake rotary motors. For more information about HSI products, contact:Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc.,1500 Meriden Road , CT & International: 203-756-7441 Waterbury, CT 06705, Fax: 203-756-8724 www.hsi-inc.com, Toll free: 800-243-2715E-mail: info@hsi-inc.com