Designed for use with Opto 22 SNAP Ethernet I/O(tm) systems, the new SNAP-ODC-32 modules offer new levels of density for applications with high digital output point counts, or that require more than 64 digital points in a single location or I/O rack. At the same time, the new modules also reduce the per-point cost of digital I/O systems by providing up to eight times the number of I/O channels in the same amount of space.

The SNAP-ODC-32-SNK provides up to 32 channels of load sinking output isolated in banks of eight. The SNAP-ODC-32-SRC provides up to 32 channels of load sourcing output isolated in banks of eight. Up to 16 modules can populate a single rack, for a maximum of 512 channels of digital output per I/O rack.

The new modules can be used to switch 12-24 VDC loads and are ideal for applications involving on/off control of equipment sometimes found in larger quantities, such as lighting or irrigation controls. The high-density output modules are also well suited for controlling the many solenoids and conveyors used in manufacturing settings. ATAN Systems of San Paolo, Brazil, a systems integrator and provider of advanced automation solutions, is currently using the SNAP-ODC-32 modules for an application involving locomotive operations.

"In our efforts to assist customers in operating their trains as efficiently as possible, we are deploying systems for monitoring vibration, velocity, individual wheel speeds and car weights, temperature, various engine conditions, and several other variables on more than 400 trains," states Luiz Fernando Neves, Director of Integrated Solutions for ATAN Systems. "There's also a great deal of control associated with this. Opto 22's new high-density input and output modules are critical in this application. With typical four-channel I/O, we would have to use two racks of I/O per train. With the 32-channel modules now in place, we are able to consolidate and reduce that to one rack. When you multiply that by 400 trains, it comes out to a half million dollar savings."

The SNAP-ODC-32-SNK and the SNAP-ODC-32-SRC are both fully compatible with Opto 22 SNAP Ethernet components including the SNAP Simple, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Ultimate brains; the SNAP-LCE controller; and SNAP B-series and M-series mounting racks. Unlike most other SNAP I/O modules, however, connection to field devices is accomplished using a wiring harness (available separately), which attaches to the top of the module in place of the usual removable terminator connectors. The modules also include a diagnostic port for commissioning and troubleshooting (when used with the OptoTerminal-G20 operator interface terminal.)