The new 371-0028 brushless DC motor controller from Servo Magnetics Inc. provides 1000 watts of power in an amazingly small footprint of 3.00"W x 4.65"L x 1.75"H. This servo-amplifier is suitable for closed or open loop velocity and torque control of BLDC motors producing greater than 160 oz-in at 7000 rpm. Input voltage can vary from 10 to 50 volts with a rating of 20 amps continuous and a peak of 40 amps for rapid acceleration applications. A compact design, which utilizes rugged surface mount components, weighs only 0.44 pounds. Other features include a quick disconnect for wiring, on board LED status indication, enable, FWD/REV, and tachometer output. The amplifier is fully protected from over-current, short circuit over-temperature, voltage, and loss of feedback.

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