The modular Series 8000 workstation system from Arlink Worldwide, Burlington, Canada (, is suited for light manufacturing, repair, and lab operations. The units accommodate everything from assembly to testing to design work with an array of inter-changeable components and configurations. For example, modules come in three heights, three widths, and can be attached to both sides of the central columns.

The columns use a two-slot system for securing add-ons. Larger macro slots support heavy-duty components such as work surfaces and shelving, and let users adjust heights in 3-in. increments. Smaller micro slots hold lighter components such as electrical-power beams and rails for part bins. Users can adjust the height on micro slots in 1-in. increments.

Modules can be set up in a straight line, a double-sided straight line, T-shape, Y-shape, X-shape, U-shape, or a combination of these basic configurations. Ergonomically, the work surface heights will accommodate 99.5% of all male and 99.9% of all female workers. The surfaces adjust so that people can stand while using them.

The Series can also be used in Class 10,000 clean rooms. According to the manufacturer, the system is quick and easy to assemble, requiring no hardware or tools, and mobile versions make relocating the workstations fast and simple.