Vicor Introduces New

Vicor Corporation announced the addition of seven mid-power Micro DC-DC converters to the high-density 24 Vdc input family: 50 W models at 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, and 48 Vout. The modules which incorporate Vicor's low-noise Zero-Current and Zero-Voltage Switching (ZCS/ZVS) are appropriate for power system applications in industrial and process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defense, and aerospace.

The addition of these modules doubles the size of the high-power density 24 Vin Micro family, which previously consisted of 75 W at 3.3 Vout and 100 W at 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, and 48 Vout. The converters operate from 24 V nominal input, with an input range of 18 V to 36 V, and will operate down to 16 V after startup. Efficiencies range up to 89% for the higher output voltages.

The modules, which are RoHS compliant (with F or G pin option), are 2.28 x 1.45 x 0.5 inch (57,9 x 36,8 x 12,7mm) in size with a height above board of 0.43 inch (10,9mm).

"These mid-power Micros offer customers a cost-effective solution for applications that do't require the full-power capability of the Micro module, but would benefit from the low-noise performance and full feature set provided by the Micro platform," said Robert Marchetti, Manager, Product Marketing.

The new mid-power Micros are available in standard leadtimes and are priced as low as $48 in quantities of 1,000. For data sheets and additional information on Vicor DC-DC and AC-DC power products, please visit the Vicor website at To order, contact Vicor Express at 800-735-6200 or e-mail

Technical Contact:

Robert Marchetti
Manager, Product Marketing
Phone: 978-749-3511