The IMDE 23 is a NEMA-23, 1.8° bipolar, high-torque motor integrated with a 3-A microstepping driver and encoder. It operates from 15 to 48 Vdc and is capable of step resolutions ranging to 256 microsteps. Depending on its stack size, the motor can produce up to 294 oz-in. of holding torque. The motor also features four damping modes for smooth motion and accuracy; optically isolated step, direction, and disable/enable inputs; and overtemperature protection. The onboard encoder can track from 32 to 1,250 CPR and includes two-channel quadrature TTL square-wave single-ended outputs with an optional index. The encoder also features position-correction capabilities. Special Pole Damping Technology enhances microstepping performance by outputting the correct amount of run and hold current to the motor. This helps overcome the motor's natural tendency to jump toward the full-step ON position.

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