Designers at Binsfeld Engineering Inc., Maple City, Mich. (, have simplified the task of continuously monitoring rotating shafts in real time. The TorqueTrak Revolution Series system uses noncontact inductive technology to transmit signals from a rotating collar to a nearby master controller. There's enough clearance between the collar and stationary power ring to accommodate radial and axial shaft float. The system fits shafts up to 20 in. in diameter and can be installed without modifying the shaft or taking apart the machinery. Industry-standard 4 to 20-mA output signals contain data on static and dynamic torque, rotational speed, instantaneous horsepower, and direction of rotation. The signals can be sent into a standard process controller or a PC-based data-collection system. It also features 14-bit microprocessing for accuracy and resolution. User-adjustable gain and offset controls are stored in nonvolatile memory, and remote shunt system verification.