Designed to handle moving loads up to 2,500 lb and static loads to 5,000 lb, the HD-Series Acme screw actuators are for use in agricultural, construction, and off-road vehicles, as well as adjustable seat mechanisms, aircontrol and venting equipment, satellite-dish positioners, lift tables, and personal handicap equipment. Stroke lengths range from 4 to 48 in. with three gear ratios: 17:1, 25:1, and 55:1.

For more demanding applications, the A-Series actuators have dynamic load capacities to 3,000 lb and static loads to 5,000 lb. The actuators are designed with either round 2.25-in. or square 2.5-in. tubing and a .75-6 Acme screw. Gear ratios are 34:1 or 110:1 and stroke lengths are 4 to 18 in.

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