The Teflon PFA flare fittings have several patented design features for sealing reliability and fluid entrapment. A double-taper geometry holds fluoroplastic tubing tightly. The internal design of the fittings eliminates dead-volume that prevents fluid and particle entrapment, gelation, microbubbles and turbulence in critical applications. Typical applications are in photolithography process tools, flat panel and LCD process tools, CMP tools, electrochemical plating tools, and wet clean tools. Operating temperatures range from 0 to 100°C. Maximum operating pressure up to 175 psi in certain sizes. Numerous fitting configurations (unions, male connectors, elbows, reducing unions) are available for 1/8 to 1-in. and 3 to 25-mm standard OD tubing. Male and female connectors are available with NPT and RC(P) thread.

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