This lets designers combine slow and fast-motion measurements (i.e., tilts and vibrations) at low noise levels and minimal power, which is critical in battery-operated portable systems. Three-axis analog sensors come in two acceleration ranges: LIS3L02AL (±2 g) for tilt applications and LIS3L06AL (±2 and ±6 g) for static and dynamic accelerations, such as vibrations and rollover motions. The 5 5 1.5-mm3 plastic LGA (Land Grid Array) sensors have good high-temperature stability, tight offset tolerances, and resist vibrations and shocks to 10,000 g. STMicroelectronics, 39, Chemin du Champ des Filles, C. P. 21, CH 1228 Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 929 29 29,