And win an Apple iPod or portable DVD player while you are doing it!

Have you ever experienced knock-your-socks-off customer service from a manufacturer or distributor? Or had sales personnel go above and beyond the call of duty to bail you out of a jam?

Most customer service is just ok. But once in awhile, distributors and manufacturers pull the fat out of the fire for engineers working in the OEM. When it happens, engineers really appreciate over-the-top efforts on their behalf.

Until now, the only way to encourage such efforts was to write a thank you note or send flowers. Not anymore.

Machine Design thinks that great customer service rendered to OEM engineers ought to be rewarded and recognized.

Why? It's not hard to figure out why.

Because you get more of what you measure. Because you encourage the behavior you reward. And because design engineers need customer service that is excellent.

Now you can reward the people who give you excellent customer service with more than an atta boy.

Tell us who the good guys are

Send us a short explanation of about 100 words or less describing excellent customer service you've experienced from a distributor, a factory direct sales force, or other service provider to OEM design engineers. And tell us how to find the people you are writing about. We'll establish a judging panel and pick the best examples of super customer service that we receive.

To participate in Machine Design'sCustomer Choice Awards, simply fill out our survey.

And now the good part

The reader who nominates the group judged Best of the Best will receive either an Apple iPod or portable DVD player with 7" LCD screen.

Now the fine print: People eligible to submit entries are those who are current subscribers to Machine Design. Judging will be by a panel of editors and impartial outside experts in customer service. Judging criteria is as decided by the judging panel, but winners must demonstrate to the judges' satisfaction a history and value system oriented toward excellent customer service to design engineers. Judges' decisions are final. Entrants and the groups they nominate may be contacted for further details about the customer service described in the nomination.

Thank you,

Julie Ritchie
Research Manager

Machine Design