Backlash is as low asthree arcminutes, and gearheads have 30% more torque than standard planetaries. They're also quiet,operating at 97% efficiency while generating less than 68 dB of noise with input speeds as high as6,000 rpm. They are available in a PS (Inline) and RS (Right Angle) model. They are available inseveral frame sizes and gear ratios. Both models have 40% more stiffness than comparable planetariesin the same frame size. Helical gearing increases gear-tooth engagement, thus ensuring quiet, smoothoperation. The gears also carry higher loads than spur gears. Contributing to the quiet operation areHelicrown gear teeth, a patented tooth design. It eliminates metal at the tooth's entry and exitpoints, without sacrificing gear strength. Gear teeth are also put through a plasma nitriding process.This results in a wear-resistant gear tooth that withstands heavy shocks, ensuring high accuracy forthe life of the gearhead.