Sherri Singer
Assistant Editor

After World War II, industrial development slowed, but didn’t grind to a halt. Companies sprung to life as servicemen returned home, looking for direction and a way to make a living. It is now that these oncefledgling companies celebrate their 50-year anniversaries.

A common perception is that our modern world began with the creation of the IC. In truth, today’s high-tech world was set in motion during World War II with devices such as the jet engine, nuclear power, and servomechanisms. Rockets launched the space age, and entrepreneurs abounded.

The time after the war found an economy eager to be rid of ration cards and hungry for consumer goods. It was the renaissance of American consumerism and provided a fertile environment to begin new businesses. The companies featured here have different backgrounds, but share at least one thing in common — the ability to adapt and survive in today’s business world, half a century strong.

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