Smartflow s combine manually adjustable needle valves, flowmeters, and temperature gages in one package. The flow regulator comes in three connection sizes: 1 /4, 3 /8, and 1 /2-in. inlets all with 0.375-in. outlets. Flows range from 0 to 1.5, 0 to 2.5, and 0 to 8 gallons/min and 10 or 30 liters/min. Flow-rate accuracy is ±10% and temperature-gage accuracy is ±2%. The regulators feature corrosion-resistant brass bodies and needle valves and viewing windows molded from durable polysulfone. Wetted O-rings are made from EPDM and internal parts are stainless steel with a nylon sensing vane. Assemblies are rated for maximum pressure of 150 psi and maximum temperature of 240°F. The regulators feature NPT connections and only two internal O-rings for easy installation. Installed singly, the regulator provides separate flow control for individual cooling water zones in injection-molding cooling water loops and similar applications.

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