In June, the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Portland Professionals Chapter traveled to Lashaine Village, Tanzania, to oversee expansion of a rainwater harvesting system and the installation of an expanded solar energy system at Orkeeswa Secondary School, built and operated by the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT). Addition of a second water tank and expansion of the energy system ensures there will be enough resources to accommodate the growing student population. The 60,000-liter rainwater harvesting system, installed by EWB last year, was increased with the addition of another 60,000-liter ferro-cement tank. The tanks will soon be supplemented with a bio sand filter to treat collected rainwater, and a pipeline to deliver water directly to the school's kitchen.

EWB partnered with Chloride Exide Ltd. to expand the 160-W solar power system donated by the company last year. The school now has a new 1,080-W solar energy system to power its classrooms, staff offices, and a newly constructed science lab. There is enough energy available to power the entire school, as well as a future library and computer lab. EWB-USA partners with developing communities to improve their quality of life by implementing environmentally sustainable and economical engineering projects. The organization has chapters across the country. For more information, visit