The QPI-12 V•I Chip EMI filter is designed to attenuate conducted common-mode and differential-mode electrical noise to comply with CISPR22 requirements. The filter operates from 10 to 76 Vdc and supports 7-A loads at up to 80°C. It is parallelable for higher power and takes only a 0.5-sq in. of board space. The QPI-10 filter complies with advanced TCA PICMG3.0 requirements for hot insertion and board-level conducted noise limitations. Common-mode and differential-mode noise attenuation is from 150 kHz to 30 MHz.

The QPI-10 is for use on a 48 or 60-Vdc bus and features an inrush current limit and circuit breaker to satisfy the 200 W/board PICMG3.0 limit up to 70°C PCB temperature around it. Both products come in antistatic tubes.

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