The A 6B16-D Series of double-sided 0.080-pitch timing belts are for applications where timing belts do more than just transmit power. The flexible belts' double-sided tooth action lets them wind between pulleys to synchronize shaft rotations, including counterrotating shafts. The endless Kevlar-reinforced polyurethane belts offer positive, nonslip, accurate power transmission without vibration, chatter, or backlash. The belts operate in temperatures from 0 to 180°F and intermittently to 248°, and come in four widths: 1 /8, 3 /16, 1 /4, and 3 /8 in. In stock are 24 standard sizes that have 132 to 500 grooves/belt and pitch lengths from 10.56 to 40 in.

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