The digital DC104 drive from Calmotion LLC, Chatsworth, Calif. (, accepts commercially available plug-in PC/104 processors and I/O and networking cards from PC/104 vendors. This lets OEMs create embedded motor drives. The PC/104 bus provides access to the drive, thus eliminating analog noise and conversion time issues. Drive parameters can be adjusted or viewed through the digital I/O extension of the host controller. And the PC/104 module piggybacks on the drive, minimizing the need for more panel space.

The unit connects to Ethernet, Modbus, Sercos, Profibus, DeviceNet and proprietary networks by adding I/O cards or embedding drivers in the host controller. The drive software can be installed on a PC. A Palm OS version is also available, making it easy for field technicians to carry it. The drive is available in 2, 5, and 10-A versions. The 2 and 5-A drives accept 15/230-Vac inputs for dc motors with armature ratings of 90/180 Vdc, respectively. The 10-A drive accepts 115 Vac for 90-Vdc motors. Dc-bus voltage connections make it possible to use regenerative braking. And an optional encoder provides feedback for better speed regulation.