Eastar copolyester is well suited for handled containers and customshaped bottles thanks in part to its high melt strength and toughness. The resin gives Indian River Select's 1-liter reusable juice carafes superb clarity and outstanding gloss compared to other packaging alternatives.

Freshco LTD, Fort Pierce, Fla., recently launched 1-liter Indian River Select orange, grapefruit, and orange-tangerine juices in new clear copolyester carafe-style containers. CKS Packaging Inc., Atlanta, extrusion blow molds the carafes from Eastar copolyester.

Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn., developed the copolyester for extrusion-blown bottles where aesthetics such as superior water clarity and exceptional gloss, coupled with design flexibility drive demand. "While some packaging materials can be extrusion blow molded into handleware, they are either opaque or translucent, preventing consumers from clearly seeing the product. Other packaging materials that are stretch blown are clear, but cannot incorporate handles due to limitations in the stretch blow-molding process," says Eastman's Courtland Jenkins, market development manager, durables and food packaging. Extrusion blow molding is a simple, one-stage manufacturing process well suited for shorter bottle runs than some other container manufacturing processes. The juice carafes are reusable, with cap and seal.