The SR Series of linear actuators from Exlar Corp., Chanhassen, Minn., uses roller-screw technology and brushless servomotors. It produces higher speeds and more load capacity than similarly sized ball screws. The new Series also has two to three times the travel life of conventional ball screws. The actuators' torque and efficiency are due to high-density neodymium-iron-born magnets and the segmented stator design. The design eliminates end turns in the stator and uses thermally conductive potting to replace parts prone to fail in traditional stators.

The actuators have a lead accuracy of 25 mm/300 mm for precise operations, and offers nominal backlash of 0.10 mm. Strokes range from 5.9 to 12 in., linear speeds range from 10 to 25 ips, and thrust goes from 225 to 2,163 lb-ft. They are housed in anodized-aluminum enclosures sealed to IP54.