The Model BKC compact bellows coupling features a stainless-steel bellows for high torsional rigidity with zero backlash and flexibility across all three axes of shaft misalignment. The coupling’s very-high position repeatability is maintained even under torsional loading, while placing only a light restoring load on shaft bearings under misalignment. Combined with a low moment of inertia, the bellows couplings are suitable for precision servo applications.

The connection between the stainless-steel bellows and aluminum clamping hub is hidden within the fit-length of the hub itself, allowing the same axial-shaft engagement as standard bellows couplings but with an overall length approximately 15% shorter.

The shaft hubs are custom bored on each side for 8 to 75-mm (5/16 to 2.95-in.) shaft sizes with or without keyways. Sizes are available for 15 to 500-Nm (1,133 to 4,425 lb-in.) torque capacities.

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