Direct-reading flowmeters monitor changes in the efficiency of pump case drains by keeping tabs on any increase in case-drain flow. Excessive casedrain flow indicates that a pump is beginning to fail.

The Variable Area meter has a 1 to 5-psig pressure drop with an accuracy of 2% of full scale. The device can be installed in any position with no special piping or flow straighteners. The EZ-View polysulfone Variable Area meter provides 5% full-scale accuracy. The Flow Alert reed switch and MR Flow Transmitter are higher-end casedrain monitoring systems. The reed switch automatically signals an alarm if case-drain flow increases beyond a predetermined limit. The switch can automatically open or close electrical circuits, or activate warning lights and audible alarms by connecting to a PLC. MR Flow Transmitters have an onboard digital display and electronic output signal with 4-to-20-mA, and 0-to-5 or 0-to-10-Vdc analog outputs.

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