It also decreases signal distortion, increases throughput, and is backward compatibility with conventional 1394.a.

The cameras are available in monochrome and color, and many deliver full-frame images up to 90 frames/sec and resolutions ranging from VGA (640 × 480) to UXGA (1600 × 1200). Monochrome output can be set for 8 or 10 bit, while color output is either RGB 24 bit, YUV422 or YUV411. They also feature full-frame shutter, even at random trigger shutter operations, for vertical resolution without degradation, tetragonal lattice layout of CCD pixels for faster image processing. All cameras comply with RoHS. SDK and Viewer software for FireDragon cameras and all other IEEE-1394.b cameras can be downloaded from toshiba-teli.comfor free.

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