Bishop-Wisecarver introduced a new higher capacity HepcoMotion® DLS5 belt driven linear transmission unit in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. This new system in the HepcoMotion® product group is in accordance with Bishop-Wisecarver's exclusive partnership for guided motion products manufactured by UK-based Hepco.

The DLS5 is produced with a large 50MM wide belt that increases the load carrying capacity beyond the previous HepcoMotion® DLS range. This compact driven unit is manufactured on a tough aluminum beam of up to 6M and fitted with a HepcoMotion® GV3 precision ground slide. The combination of a Vee bearing and cap wiper ensures maintenance-free and precise motion, even in hostile working environments. This unit is well suited for single and double axis gantries.

The DLS5 carriage has a maximum load capacity of 10,000N and the single beam can accommodate multiple carriages for larger loads. The unit's driving force is 2,450N with a speed of up to 6M/S. Drive is provided by a toothed timing belt and pulley, providing an excellent combination of strength, speed and accuracy. Simple belt tensioning screw adjustments, brush seals and end-of-stroke buffers at both ends are standard features.

The HepcoMotion® DLS5 is available with a wide range of options to accommodate many applications. The DLS5 can be equipped with a plain input shaft, a fitted geared motor or tailored to marry with an existing gearbox. T-slots are also provided to enable the unit to easily integrated into any HepcoMotion® MCS machine building construction.

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