Adapters from Aries Electronics, Frenchtown, N.J., let designers replace 132-pin PQFP package ICs with the newer 144-pin TQFP without board redesign or rework. The adapter top reroutes pinouts of the 144-pin device, such as the Motorola DSP56002, to a 132-pin device footprint on an existing PC board.

Aries 7484-117-18 adapters use a gold-plated bump for the SMT connection, which eliminates bent leads, yet provides a rigid, nonslumping standoff for the solder connection. The thin substrate construction still leaves a 0.015-in. space for under fill, if desired. The UL94V-0-rated adapter body of 0.062-in.-thick glass-filled FR-4 material uses 1 oz copper traces. Male electrical connections are made with ENIG ( electrolessnickel immersion gold) plating over silver epoxy. Custom materials, platings, sizes, and configurations are also available. Pricing for a standard 7484-117-18 adapter is $28.43/each in quantities of 100.

Aries Electronics Inc.,
Frenchtown, N.J.,