PCB Model 352A71 has a sensitivity of 10 mV/g and a measurement range of ±500-g peak. Model 352A73 has a sensitivity of 5 mV/g and a measurement range of ±1,000-g peak. Both are hermetically sealed in titanium and adhesive mounted. Features include an integral light gauge and twisted-pair cable extending 1 ft from the sensor. The twisted pair is spliced into a heavier-gauge coaxial cable for a total length of 10 ft. The units are designed for measurement of small electronic components, circuit boards, brackets, mini structures, and general vibration work. They also feature built-in signal-conditioning circuitry for low-noise, low-impedance output while permitting long-distance transmission. These sensors can operate in 65 to 250°F and tolerate accidental shock to ±10,000 g.

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