Baldor Electric Co., Ft. Smith, Ark., has expanded its ac motor line to 1,500 hp. The motors are available in low and medium voltages. Features include premium or high-efficiency windings, epoxy VPI insulation system, inverter spike resistance on ratings to 575 V, formed coils on medium-voltage motors to 6,660 V, and rugged cast-iron frames on all TEFC and ODP/WPI/WPII frames. Available enclosures and frames include TEFC through 5810 frame at 800 hp, ODP/WPI/WPII through 5810 frame at 1,500 hp, inverter/vector through 5810 frame at 800 hp, explosionproof through 449T frame at 350 hp, and 950-Vac motors for mining applications with random-wound or form coil.