A 60-millimeter counterrotating fan comes in 12-Vdc S-speed and H-speed models. The San Ace 60CR measures 60-mm (2.36-in.) square 76-mm (2.99-in.) thick, making it ideal for use in servers, storage systems, communications equipment, power supplies, and industrial machinery.

The fans boast the highest airflow and static pressure capabilities in the industry, made possible by two axially aligned fans rotating counterclockwise to one another. Improved blades and frame raise maximum airflow to 2.26 m3/min, 20% higher than conventional units, and static pressure to 550 Pa. The fans consume as little as 32.4 W, with a low 64-dB noise level and an L10 life of 40,000 hr at 60°C.

The RoHS-compliant fans have optional features that include tachometer and lock-rotor sensor outputs, and PWM speed control. San Ace 60CR cooling fans are available now priced at $36 each in small quantities. Delivery is 8 to 12 weeks.

Sanyo Denki America, 468 Amapola Ave., Torrance, CA 90501, (310) 783-5400, sanyo-denki.com