Motion Engineering, Inc. (MEI) today released the next generation ZMP-PCI Motion Controller, the highest performance member of their SynqNet family. The PCI-based package (ZMP-SynqNet-PCI) adds to MEI's SynqNet offerings, which also include ZMP-PMC and XMP-SynqNet controller products.

Motion Engineering's ZMP controllers provide machine builders with the ultimate in high-performance motion control. The 64-bit ZMP controller utilizes a 466 MHz Motorola PowerPC processor for optimum flexibility and speed. With double-precision processing power over the 32-bit XMP-SynqNet series controllers, the ZMP-SynqNet series are optimized to work with MEI's MechaWare™ advanced servo development environment for the ultimate in precision control schemes.

SynqNet motion control networks provide a 100Mbps synchronous real-time connection between motion controllers and servo/stepper drives, custom network devices, and I/O modules. SynqNet is the only high-speed digital motion control network that offers fault tolerance, real-time node data collection, firmware downloads, wide vendor servo interoperability, and requires no network programming. More information can be found at

The ZMP controller family is compatible with the Motion Programming Interface (MPI). And code developed for XMP-SynqNet series controllers is compatible with all ZMP-SynqNet controllers. The ZMP is available for immediate order, with initial production shipments scheduled for early Q4 2004.

More information can be obtained from Motion Engineering, Inc. at