The intended application for the MG transmitter and Level- Mate Monitor is in tanks with line power from a local source but no communication lines to the control room.

MTS Sensors uses its Level Plus Model MG liquid-level transmitter to measure the level in storage tanks. The tank-level reading goes via Modbus to the OleumTech LevelMate Monitor. The Monitor uses the licensefree 902-928-MHz ISM band with FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum) and FSK (frequency-shifting key) modulation technology. It beams sensor data back to a control room where an OleumTech DataHub resides. The output from the DataHub goes to a fieldbus controller that sends the information to the Internet. Viewers can open the Web site and poll the unit to find the last measurement.


MTS Sensors and MG liquid level transmitters remotely monitor storage-tank levels.