Actuators from PneuMagnetic LLC, Quakertown, Pa. (, can replace standard electric coils on packless solenoid valves, turning a solenoid into a pneumatically controlled device. The actuator uses a highperformance permanent magnet to create a movable magnetic field that lets a small air signal turn a valve on or off without using any electricity at the valve. This removes coil failure as a cause of valve failure. It is also saves up to 49% on installation costs and reduces energy used during its operations.

A single, flexible tube supplying 20 to 125-psi air to the device replaces the expensive and rigid electrical-conduit connection with its associated installation costs and space requirements. No changes to valve are required and there is no degradation of performance as with DC power, i.e., the device always provides full AC pressure performance. The switch to pneumatics provides several other benefits, including no coil hum or heating, elimination of spark hazards in explosive environments, lower maintenance charges, and no risk of fluid leaks. Benefits include a life of over 7 million cycles, response times of 110 msec at 80 psi, operation at temperatures to 175°F, compatibility with other clean fluids other than air, and it will operate submerged in noncorrosive gases and partial vacuums.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz