Sep 16, 2015

5 of History's Worst Engineering Disasters12

While collecting this short list of engineering disasters, I decided that to qualify as a disaster, an event had to involve loss of life, and the larger the loss of life, the larger the disaster. This ruled out a couple of famous engineering snafus, such as the “swinging” Tacoma Narrows Bridge that suffered a wind-induced....More
Sep 23, 2015

Could Two Days Change the Course of Women’s History?1

Women's empowerment -- what do you think? Too much, too little, or just enough?....More
Sep 28, 2015

IoT: An Expensive Human-to-Machine Interface

Many technologies try to get the digital and computer world to work more seamlessly with an analog and natural world. Now, connected devices....More
Sep 08, 2015

The Future of Engineers and STEM Lies in Diversity1

Our annual Salary Survey and other studies have shown the lack of young and diverse engineers, but there is a potential for a new workforce....More
Jul 21, 2014

Nine hardware pitches at San Francisco ‘Maker’ Startup Weekend2

Startup Weekend events are now pumping out hardware devices such as a NEST for pools and just-in-time liquor delivery systems....More
Mar 03, 2015

Praise the Board, and Pass the Innovation!2

To say there is something grossly deficient in the closed and inflexible way large companies design and develop products is hardly controversial. Corporate product development establishments are eerily like medieval monasteries. The lanyard-wearing monks sit in their cubicles, cloistered behind card-lock doors, adhering to a strict....More
Jul 28, 2014

Boeing discriminating against older engineers?3

One union claims that Boeing is dismantling and disbursing their experienced commercial-engineering workforce for what seem to be “laughably superficial” business reasons … but the real reason it’s moving work to Russia, India, and domestic ‘centers of excellence’ — mostly non-union locations — is for the “wholesale purge of Boeing’s....More
Mar 24, 2015

The Value of Innovation When You’re Under the Knife2

With so much hand-wringing over rising medical costs, one certainly wonders: With all of today’s medical bells and whistles, do the benefits of advanced technologies outweigh the costs? If you’re sick, they often do....More
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