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Steve serves as Senior Editor of Machine Design.  He has 23 years of service and has a B.S. Biomedical Engineering from Steve was a Flight officer in the U.S. Navy. He is currently responsible for areas such as aerospace and medical.

Self-Powered Keyboard Provides a Biometric Layer of Security

A self-powered keyboard developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology can charge up electronic devices and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the computer.

Inventors Opt for Disclosure Over Secrecy 1
Inventors opt for disclosure over secrecy
The Internet of Things: Our Inevitable Future or a Pipe Dream? 1
Several technologies are poised to create the IoT, but daunting hurdles still stand in the way.
A Hydraulic Pump for High-Pressure Applications
Engineers at Moog developed the RKP 250 radial piston pump, in part, to let customers pump more volume using a smaller motor with a simplified interface.
Hospital Bed Helps Patients and Nurses
A new hospital bed from Hil-Rom, the Advanta 2, was designed based on suggestions from working nurses on what would make the bed easier to use.
X-planes: The Next Eight: X-24 through the X-38 2
X planes from 1959 through 2002 were used to explore technologies that would be later used on the Space Shuttle, on fighter aircraft, and drones.
2015 Concept Vehicles Explore the Future 2
A look at some of the concept vehicles from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.
Helical Gearboxes Handle Higher Torque with Less Noise
The new PE helical gearboxes from Stober Drives Inc. handle more torque, generate less noise, and provide smoother motion than spur-gear units.
Bearings Built for Wind Turbines
Engineers at The Timken Co. have designed UltraWind bearings, a line of tapered roller bearings that range up to 9.6 ft in diameter.
85 Years Ago: Machine Design's First Year: Part 3
Here are some headlines and images from 1929-30, the inaugural year of Machine Design.
High-Rise Chips Avoid Conventional IC Limitations 1
An engineering team at Stanford University has devised a way to improve computer chips by making them taller.
3D Printing Builds Custom Track Shoes
Engineers and shoe designers at New Balance Athletic Shoes Inc. are using 3D printing to make shoes for elite runners (professionals and Olympians) in hopes of improving their performance.
Orion Mockup Wired for Data During Splashdown Tests
NASA’s first test flight and splashdown of an Orion space capsule went well, thanks to three years of testing and simulated splashdowns of a realistic mockup in the agency’s Hydro Impact Basin at its Langley Research Center.
PDR: Corvette’s Riskiest Option? 8
The 2015 Corvette is another sweet-looking sports car in a long line of well-engineered and iconic roadsters. It’s chock full of high-tech features and well-thought-out options. But one option, the Performance Data Recorder (PDR), seems like it might tempt some Corvette owners...
85 Years Ago: Machine Design's First Year: Part 2
Here are some headlines and images from 1929-30, the inaugural year of Machine Design.
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