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Steve serves as Senior Editor of Machine Design.  He has 23 years of service and has a B.S. Biomedical Engineering from Steve was a Flight officer in the U.S. Navy. He is currently responsible for areas such as aerospace and medical.

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What Are the Differences Between the 6 Types of ASTM Standards? 3
ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), has established and documented more than 12,000 standards used voluntarily around the world...
NIST Standardizes Test “Phantom” for PET Scanners
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed the first calibration tool for positron emission tomography (PET) scanners that is directly traceable...
High-Tech Seal Provides Another Level of Security
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, N.M., have developed a tamper-proof seal that will tell users if anyone has opened a container or tried to defeat the seal....
Methods for Fastening Sheet Metal Without Fasteners 1
How to fasten sheet-metal parts without fastening hardware.
Simulation Table's Bearings Support High Loads
A hydraulic simulation table designed by Moog Inc.can handle loads up to 1,500 lb. and vibrate at up to 100 Hz.
10 Hot Trends in the Communications Industry
The more that communications changes, the more it strives to stay the same.
What's the Difference Between Soldering, Brazing, and Welding? 1
Soldering, brazing, and welding are all methods of joining two or more pieces of metal and selected other materials. They are also methods used to fill gaps in metal parts.
What's the Difference Between Thread-Forming and Thread-Cutting Tapping Screws?
Tapping screws form mating threads in materials they are driven into. There are two basic types: thread forming and thread cutting.
Navy Develops Space-Junk Spotter
With more than 100 million pieces of debris orbiting Earth that measure less than a centimeter in diameter, researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory wanted to learn more about how such debris behaves in space.
Magnetic Alloy Could Lower the Cost of Rare-Earth Magnets
A synthesized cerium alloy could replace dysprosium, which is in critical demand, as a rare-earth magnet.
Self-Clinching Captive-Panel Screws Eliminate Loose Parts
The PFC2 and PFS2 self-clinching captive-panel screws from PennEngineering (, Danboro, Pa., provide secure and permanent attachment for thin-metal assemblies. The fasteners can also....
Postcards from the Hubble Telescope
In honor of the Hubble Telescope’s 25th Anniversary, here are a few spectacular images taken by the space-based telescope.
What’s the Difference Between a Motor and a Drive?
A motor is the mechanical or electrical device that generates the rotational or linear force used to power a machine. A drive is the electronic device that harnesses and controls the electrical energy sent to the motor.
Placenta-on-a-Chip lets Researchers Better Understand Pregnancy
A placenta-on-a chip mimics the structure and function of the placenta on a microscopic scale, including the transfer of nutrients from the mother to the fetus.
Smart Bandage Detects Bed Sores Before They Are Visible
A new type of bandage detects wounds rather than protects them, and could help doctors treat and cure bed sores before they break the skin and get infected.
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