Stephen Mraz

Senior Editor,
Machine Design

Steve serves as Senior Editor of Machine Design.  He has 23 years of service and has a B.S. Biomedical Engineering from Steve was a Flight officer in the U.S. Navy. He is currently responsible for areas such as aerospace and medical.

Off to the Races: Indy 500 Winners Through the Years
Here’s a look at some of the memorable cars and drivers that have won the Indy 500 since the event began more than 100 years ago.
Heavy-Duty Caster Carries 50-Ton Loads
Engineers and technicians at Hamilton Caster (, Hamilton, Ohio, recently designed and built four 100,000-lb capacity casters for a federal contractor....
Replacing Testing on Sports Gear with FEA
Simulation and FEA could replace physical testing—even for events that happen in milliseconds.
Inductive Linear Position Sensor Handles Off-Road Challenges
The LR-27 series of linear variable inductive transducers from the Alliance Sensor Group, Moorestown, N.J., was designed to be rugged enough for use in off-road vehicles
Pallets Move on Customizable Conveyor 2
The new 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg. can now be equipped with pallet-handling options to provide accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic, and inspection applications.
Quarter-Turn Fasteners Prevent Lost Hardware
D5 DZUS panel Line quarter-turn fasteners from Southco use flare-in studs with all the fastening hardware firmly attached.
NASA Robot Spawns Biomedical Spinoffs
Humans doing difficult, repetitive tasks or those who need assistance with movement may soon get a helping hand, thanks to robotic technology developed to serve astronauts in space.
The Basics of Threaded-Forming Fasteners for Plastics
Tips on getting the right screw for plastics
Tips for Selecting Materials for Low-Temperature Seals 1
Which makes the best low-temperature seal: polyurethane, nitrile, polyacrylate, fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon, or silicone?
8 Stealthy Military Vehicles
By the 1970s, engineers had discovered how to build structures that were difficult, if not impossible, to see on radar.
Shape-Shifting Sensors Could Explore Inside Patients
Novel geometrically encoded magnetic sensors (GEMs), developed by researchers from NIST and NIH, respond to local biochemical conditions—such as a change in acidity near inflammation sites—by changing their shape and response to radio frequencies.
What’s the Difference Between Resistance-Welded Fasteners and Arc-Welded Studs?
Welding is often used to permanently fasten two pieces of metal together. Screws and nuts are the most common welded fasteners, but pins and unthreaded studs are often used as locating or bearing surfaces rather than fasteners.
How to Calculate the Torsional Stiffness of Rubber Shock Mounts
How to calculate the torsional stiffness of rubber shock mounts when all the company supplies are its radial and axial spring rates. Shock, awe, and vibration
GALLERY: Seven Aircraft from the Skunkworks 1
A gallery of aircraft that came out of Kelly Johnson’s Skunkworks at Lockheed Martin Corp.
Cordless Hydraulic Pump Provides Portable Power

The XC-Series cordless pump from Enerpac (, Menomonee Falls, Wisc., uses a one-half horsepower motor powered by a 28-V lithium-ion battery pack to get the performance an electric or pneumatic powered pump with the convenience of a hand pump. It is well-suited to remote locations or cluttered areas where another cord or hose would present a tripping hazard.

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