Robert Repas


Robert serves as Associate Editor - 6 years of service. B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cleveland State University. Work experience: 18 years teaching electronics, industrial controls, and instrumentation systems at the Nord Advanced Technologies Center, Lorain County Community College. 5 years designing control systems for industrial and agricultural equipment. Primary editor for electrical and motion control.

Servomotors make Kirk-Rudy tabbing machines faster and more accurate
By replacing stepper-motors with servo-drive systems, Kirk-Rudy was able to boost linear speed from 350 to 500 ft/min on its new tabbing machines.
Multi-axis load cells measure force and torque in six dimensions
Load cells typically monitor only one dimension. But these load cells take on all six dimensions rivaling gyroscopes for the honor of 6DoF monitoring.
Sensor Sense: Retroreflective ultrasonic sensors
The options when specifying sensors for long-range object detection or positioning usually boil down to two alternatives: optical sensors using either infrared or visible-red light and ultrasonic. Optical sensing is often the first choice
Wind turbine blades that change pitch boost wind power efficiency
A variable-pitch wind-turbine blade adjusts its angle with changing windspeed for higher efficiencies over a greater range of wind speeds and helps prevent turbine blade runaways and other dangerous conditions.
Linear actuators achieve precision motion control with little to no backlash
Robust roller-pinion systems replace traditional rack-and-pinions along with other technologies for applications needing accuracy, long service life, and minimal maintenance.
Sensor Sense: Optical Data Transmission Handles Remote Video
An infrared beam of light transmits high-speed Ethernet signals between stationary and moving objects for reliable video signals.
Using Linear-Shaft Motors in Parallel
Paralleled linear-shaft motors operating from a single drive controller boost accuracy economically
Sensors Position Swing-Reach Lift Truck for Sideway Operation
A new sensor design tracks a lift-truck’s fork position for position, acceleration, and maximum speed for loads lifted as high as 45 ft
Designing A Control System For An Electric Supercar
The Racing Green Endurance project needed to create a control system for a 200 km/hr all-electric race car they planned to drive along the Pan-American highway from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina
Selecting and Applying Clutches and Brakes
When it’s impractical to shut down machinery for control purposes, clutches and brakes control the transfer of power from motor to load
Sensor Sense: Detecting Vibration with Fiber Optics
A vibration sensor directly detects noise using a single strand of fiber-optic cable
Sensor Sense: Giving Robots Laser-Guided Vision
Tracking gaps in a laser-drawn line of light measures the position errors between two separate parts. Robots can then mount the two parts flush with equal spacing all around
Capacitive Technology Finds Use in BLDC Motor-Commutation Controls
Capacitive technology appears to offer higher accuracy and greater flexibility over optical and Hall-effect device commutation systems in BLDC motor controls.
Sensor Sense: RFID for smart position sensing
RFID sensors and tags cannot only supply information about what part is on a pallet, they can serve double duty as position sensors.
Sensor applications in monitoring dc motor operation, tracking aircraft tire pressure, and for use in smaller spaces.
The growing use of sensors in areas not previously known highlight the current trend to collect and track as much data as possible about every variable in a system.
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