Robert Repas


Robert serves as Associate Editor - 6 years of service. B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cleveland State University. Work experience: 18 years teaching electronics, industrial controls, and instrumentation systems at the Nord Advanced Technologies Center, Lorain County Community College. 5 years designing control systems for industrial and agricultural equipment. Primary editor for electrical and motion control.

Sling it, don’t swing it
Moving large and heavy loads using overhead cranes is time consuming and risky. Cranes need experienced operators trained to safely handle heavy loads. Loads that swing out of control collide with buildings, equipment, and other moving loads
Smart camera emulates human vision
It models the capabilities of human brains for perception, understanding, and action
A software-defined future for embedded controls
Reconfigurable processors hold the key to future products using embedded systems.
Sensor Sense: Inductive position-measuring sensors
Inductive position-measuring systems (IPMSs) operate on the same principle as an inductive proximity sensor. But instead of a single sensing coil, position measuring uses a multiple-coil system
Robotic platforms make retrieval system hum
Many high-throughput retail-distribution centers face a growing logistics challenge: how to prepare small quantities of diverse parts to ship and arrive on schedule with near-zero errors
Acoustic waves reveal potential mechanical failures
Traditional vibration analysis does not clearly indicate problems until late in the failure process due to limitations in the accuracy and complexity of processing vibration data
T-rays see through objects and can identify materials
Spanning the gap between radio and light, terahertz radiation opens entirely new fields of nondestructive inspection, test, and measurement
How’s your MOTOR IQ?
Think you know electric motors? Check your knowledge against these devices
Simplifying the sensor/computer interface
Connecting an anlog sensor to a digital acquisition, data logging, or control system always requred a plethora of interface devices. Now, a single chip can perform all that's needed to connect the sensor to a microprocessor.
ULE 880: Sustainability for Manufacturing Organizations
Sustainable processes in the manufacturing community get a boost from a new set of compliance standards issued by Underwriters Laboratories
Sensor Sense: Multipixel-array sensors
Multipixel-array (MPA) sensing for target detection within specific distances combines the benefits of background suppression, sharply defined sensing, and insensitivity to object color
Giving Power-over-Ethernet some muscle
Poe helps eliminate cost and complexity by using a single cable connection for both signal and power
Do’s and don’ts in flexible-circuit design
A flexible-circuit design guide for manufacturability and reliability
Noncoaxial motors enhance differential applications
A case is made for using two or more motors with rotor shafts at definite angles to the other.
Test & Instrumentation Technology Guide
Designing equipment to withstand intensive sound and vibration levels means first knowing details about the sound itself
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