Motion System Design

Motion System
Inductive leap
One way to sense linear displacement is through the relative movement of an optically grated glass scale
Powers of Induction
A kind of electrical inertia, inductance is a circuit’s ability to store energy in electromagnetic fields
Sun shines on servomotor
North Dakota may not be the sunniest place on the map, but that didn’t stop the Sunsetters, a solar race team from North Dakota State University, from placing first in the Stock class of the American Solar Challenge in July
Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 274
The Rednecks from West Virginia Mountain College and the Hillbillies from Pennsylvania University of Agriculture had a long-standing football rivalry
MSD 101: Belt tracking
Belts don’t always stay put on pulleys. Sometimes they creep to one side or another, threatening to pop off completely
CD duplicators get a new spin
Simplified assembly yields cost, production advantage
You can’t spell manufacturing without F-U-N
How do you get kids excited about manufacturing? Have them make their own toy, of course
In Response
I read your column in the July issue, and passed along a copy to a friend here at work, also a Miata driver
Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 273
Solve this puzzler before time runs out
In Response
I think that you made a small but common mistake in your answer to the February Fun with Fundamentals puzzle
Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 272
This one will have you on spins and needles
Fill ’er up
Coupling absorbs vibration to keep auger on schedule
Sensor Tips
The SCA61T Series of inclinometers from VTI Technologies Inc., Dearborn, Mich., features internal temperature measurement and compensation, along with a long-term stability better than 0.25 mg
Fun With Fundamentals: Problem 271
Don’t let this one run you over
Aircraft has right stuff
Flexible shafts assist aircraft’s flap actuator system
What's the Difference?
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