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Leslie serves as Senior Editor - 5 years of service. M.S. Information Architecture and Knowledge Management, Kent State University. BA English, Cleveland State University. Work Experience: Automation Operator, TRW Inc.; Associate Editor, American Machinist. Primary editor for CAD/CAM technology.

Don’t just “build a better mousetrap”
If you have an idea for an invention, make sure it addresses an actual need people or companies have.
Consider assemblies instead of one-piece machined parts
Designing a part for assembly instead of machining can often boost product yield.
Plug-in imports organic surfaces into CAD
The ramifications for a new plug-in called Power SubD-Nurbs for the rendering and surface-modeling package modo may not be readily apparent, but they could change the industry
Inventor's corner:Surgical dressing restores mastectomy patients’ figures
The re-Contour dressing from Julie Hyde Edwards targets women who want to look like they did before having a mastectomy. After her own surgery, Edwards struggled to accept the prescribed dressing
Software helps build large, complex molds
There are many flavors of engineering software that target specific manufacturing processes. For example, CimatronE CAD/ CAM software from the Cimatron Group in Israel, lets users handle all aspects of moldmaking
Software builds a motorcycle “canopy”
Motorcycle-accessory company Roof For Two in Boston used 3D design as well as simulation software to design a canopy that mounts on a motorcycle to shield riders from inclement weather. The roof targets motorcycle riders in India
Additive manufacturing in outer space?
An additive process developed mainly by NASA Langley Research Center materials engineer Karen Taminger uses an electron beam and solid wire feedstock to fabricate structures out of aerospace alloys such as aluminum and titanium
3D printing with soil
In a research project, architects at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Spain employ an on-site fabrication robot that uses soil as the main building material to create edifices such as scaled-down towers and arches
Manufacturing for the masses
DIY fabrication studios let just about anyone make just about anything
Made in the U.S.A.
Is manufacturing in the U. S. dead and gone?
Software simulates mechanical systems with chains, gears, and belts
MSC Software (MSC), Santa Ana, Calif., recently showed me its new Adams/Machinery program that works inside of the Adams/View interface (Adams lets users build and simulate models of any mechanical system with moving parts)
The attack of the CAD jockey?
In my last commentary (“Does Model-Based Engineering Make Sense,” June 14), I said, “Any CAD jockey can do design.” This comment provoked a lot of feedback. But a common complaint I have heard at many engineering
3D printing comes to micro-sized objects
Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a 3D printer that quickly prints objects on the order of microns in size. The device relies on a technique called two-photon lithography
Investment casting goes digital
A research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new way to perform investment casting. The basic process dates back thousands of years: Molten metal is poured into an expendable ceramic mold to form a part
Software simulates mechanical systems with chains, gears, and belts
Adams/Machinery helps manufacturers of machinery equipment and other mechanical systems efficiently build functional virtual prototypes.
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