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Leslie serves as Senior Editor - 5 years of service. M.S. Information Architecture and Knowledge Management, Kent State University. BA English, Cleveland State University. Work Experience: Automation Operator, TRW Inc.; Associate Editor, American Machinist. Primary editor for CAD/CAM technology.

Free math software
Mathcad Express, including the full capabilities of mathematical software Mathcad Prime 2.0, is free for a 30-day trial.
Software strengthens 3D-printed parts
Researchers at Purdue University, are working with Advanced Technology Labs of Adobe Inc., San Jose, to develop a computer program that strengthens objects created using 3D printing.
Multiphysics Software builds a better heat sink
Toyota used multiphysics software to build a better heat sink for its future hybrid vehicles.
What’s up with model-based engineering?
“Model-based engineering” (MBE) seems to mean different things to different people.
Software simulates injection molding
Sigmasoft software lets users simulate the injection-molding of plastics.
FEA for electric machine design
MotorSolve v4 software for electric machine design includes an FEA module for switched-reluctance machines.
CFD for electronics
Coolit v.12 CFD thermal software for electronics includes new features that boost accuracy.
Compact engine packs a powerful punch
Paul Karlan first thought up his Karlan Cam Engine for surface vehicles about 50 years ago when he was trying to figure out a different way to change the reciprocating motion of pistons to rotary motion.
How to build an airplane at home
How to build an airplane at home
Building a better spacecraft
A spacecraft producer used CAE software in the design, testing, and building of its hypersonic reentry vehicles for the European Space Agency
CAD App Reduces Quoting Time
CAD App Reduces Quoting Time
Whale Cuts Product Development Time with Objet 3D Printing
Whale Cuts Product Development Timescales with Objet 3D Printing
From CAD to CFD in 5 minutes
A company was assessing CFD software to analyze flow in models but it was having preprocessing difficulties dealing with CAD geometry as-is. To address this problem, the analysts meshed a geometry of one of the company’s oil-filter products in a CFD meshing program
Stressed at work?
The difficult economy and countless layoffs have many people feeling lucky to even have a job. But as companies continue to do more with less, workplace stress is on the rise.
3D printing with ceramics
Researchers claim that materials used in an ancient Egyptian technique might work well for3D-printing prototypes of ceramic dinnerware.
What's the Difference?
What’s the Difference Between Ethernet Types? By Jeff Kerns What’s the Difference Between Ethernet Types? Read Now
Electromechanics—the Future Engineering Major By Carlos Gonzalez STEM Education Is About Hands-On Experience Read Now

Bacteria Produces Intricate Spatial Patterning in 3D Materials By Leah Scully 5 Common Types of Gear Tolerances Read Now

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