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Leland serves as Editor-in-Chief of Machine Design. He has 34 years of Service and holds a B.S. Engineering from the University of
Michigan, a B.S. Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan;, and a MBA from Cleveland State University. Prior to joining Penton, Lee worked as a Communications design engineer, for the U.S. Government.

Engineering Essentials: Relays and Contactors
Relays and contactors use a variety of technologies to switch signals and power connections. Many devices called relays use similar techniques and topologies, but the terminology can be confusing. Here are a few of the basic differences that distinguish different types of relay and contactor switches.
Want to Patent Less? Move Production Overseas
I recently had the privilege of speaking before a group of motor manufacturers on the topic of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from low-wage countries. One aspect of the subject that surprised many of them was the amount of evidence that has accumulated in favor of reshoring.
The Difference between Cartridge Heaters and Tubular Heaters 1
Cartridge heaters and tubular heaters are similar in make-up but have quite different application areas.
The Missile Technology Behind the Malaysian Jet Tragedy
There are several surface-to-air Soviet missle technologies capable of reaching the Malaysian passenger jet shot down over the Ukraine.
Tee shirts finish in a flash, thanks to Exergen Corp. IR sensor
Customized infrared sensor lets flash-cure systems speed up production of screen-printed tee shirts.
Soft Starters
Motors that run typical industrial applications employing conveyors, pumps, blowers, and compressors all have one common quality: They draw a large amount of current when they start up, perhaps six times what they draw during normal operation.
Additive manufacturing happenings of the week

3D-printed cars, an additive-manufacturing themed MOOC, and metal parts for aerospace are among the recent developments making headlines in the emerging field of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

Bell-Everman Rotary Stages Usher in Chair-Side Dental Crowns
A compact milling machine for making ceramic dental crowns owes its small size and economical nature to the use of rotary rather than linear stages.
BAW gyro chip
Gallery: Cool sensor technology of the week
The Sensors Expo in Chicago gave sensor and device makers a chance to show off novel applications for sensing technology. Here are a few of the more notable demonstrations we noticed.
The Coming IQ Gap 5
Here is a mind game to ponder: It is well known that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have high IQs. Both sets of their parents are college educated and either academics or researchers. So which factor was more important in the success of these two technologists, their God-given cognitive talents, or their middle-class upbringing by people who could rightly be called intellectuals?
Could Magnetic Gears Make Wind Turbines Say Goodbye to Mechanical Gearboxes? 3
Magnetic gears can be overtorqued with the only deleterious effect being a slipping between the input and output. And they promise to be no bigger than their mechanical counterparts.
Gallery: Innovative 3D printing technology at Rapid 2014

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Rapid 2014 conference and expo hosted a variety of new 3D printing technologies, many of which had nothing to do with ink jets or laser-melted powder metals. Here is an overview of some of the novel applications and techniques on display 

Energy Efficiency Drops Off the Radar for Semiconductor Fabs
Back in 2012, the International Sematech Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) conducted a Worldwide Fab Energy Study to help semiconductor manufacturers reduce their energy use and boost efficiency. But judging by the tone of the upcoming Semicon West show for semiconductor manufacturing, energy efficiency has lost its marquee billing when the topic turns to sustainability.
Off-shoring’s Logical Conclusion 9

The semiconductor-manufacturing industry’s Semicon West Show kicks off next month, so perhaps it’s time to point out a big mistake in the Wikipedia listing for one of that industry’s prime movers. Look up Applied Materials Inc.

Gallery: Drones and UAVs at the AUVSI show 2
The recently concluded Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International show provided many examples of cutting-edge drone technology
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