Lanny Berke

Toys Aid Accident Investigation
Using scale models, investigators were able to recreate an accident scene more accurately than mathematical models
Tank Installed Without Pressure Relief Ruptures, Burning Five Workers
A condensate tank that was mistakenly installed without a vent line ruptured during a maintenance. Five workers, who were not aware that the tank needed to be vented, received second-degree burns.
Truck Fire Started in Wiring Bundle
 A wiring bundle feeding add-on electronics started a fire that destroyed a truck
Missing Warnings, Instructions, and Protections Factors in Fall from Concrete Pump Boom
A worker dislodging a blockage in a concrete pump boom was knocked 6 ft to the ground when the concrete came loose
You can’t retire from safety 1
A former engineer was severely injured when the front wheels of the tractor he was driving fell into a culvert. He had removed a heavy-duty, rollover-protection arch because it was hitting the branches of his fruit trees when he drove the equipment between rows.
Miter Saw Design, Poor Safety Training Lead to Student’s Severed Thumb
A student in a junior-high-school shop class lost a thumb when the workpiece he was cutting was pulled into the blade of a miter saw.
Robots Attack When Safety Measures are Lacking
A mechanic was pinned down by a robotic arm he was trying to repair thanks to missing guards, warnings, interlocks, and lockout/tagout procedures.
Warnings Are Not Enough to Ensure User Safety from Generator Fires, Shocks, and Carbon Monoxide
Underwriters Laboratories' portable-generator standard, UL 2201, doesn’t go far enough to protect users from carbon monoxide, fire, and shock hazards.
OSHA Directives Provide for Skylight Safety
Many of the falls documented each year happen through skylights that should have been covered or protected by a railing or strong screen.
Berke on Safety: Automated External Defibrillators Save Lives
Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are easy to use, even for the untrained, and can save lives and reduce brain and heart damage.
Berke on Safety: Common-sense guidelines for safety showers and eyewash stations 1
Safety showers and eyewash stations must have an adequate water supply, be easily visible and accessible, be properly maintained, and protect workers from secondary hazards like slipping or electric shock.
From the Safety Files: Poor dock leveler maintenance leads to injury
A dock leveler's malfunction went unaddressed until it injured a worker.
Berke on Safety: Concrete Pumps and Booms are Safer by Manufacturer Design
When a concrete boom collapsed on the job, the contractor was irked at the inconvenience, but grateful no one had been hurt
Berke on Safety: Outside the Plant, Safety Lapses Burn the Public, too
Many years ago, a woman I knew opened her front door to find the foreman of the road-paving crew bearing a message
Berke On Safety: Which is better: Death by falling or by fire?
Readers occasionally contact me in response to these columns. I recently corresponded with Michael Fischer of the Kellen Co. about the window-screen problem.
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